Alcohol Sim

Alcohol Sim
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Alcohol sim is a wine specialty of Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Despite gale in many places, but the sim in Phu Quoc has specific characteristics. For example, in Phu Quoc, sim ripen on the occasion of January of the lunar calendar, while sim in northern Vietnam on the occasion is ripe in July.

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Sim fruits

The fruit is edible, 10–15 mm long, purple, round, three or four-celled, capped with persistent calyx lobes, soft, with 40-45 seeds in a double row in each cell; seed dispersal is by frugivorous birds and mammals. Seed production and germination rates are high.The leaves are opposite, leathery, 5–7 cm long and 2-3.5 cm broad, three-veined from the base, oval, obtuse to sharp pointed at the tip, glossy green above, densely grey or rarely yellowish-hairy beneath, with a wide petiole and an entire margin.

sim fruit sim fruit  

Alcohol Sim

Contrary sim put on clean materials, choose ripe berry puree and incubated on yeast with sugar in a certain percentage (also to be kept secret for a good product) in the oxygen environment from 40 to 45 days. After completion of fermentation products will be a pink wine, with spicy sweet and sour drink as wine grapes at a concentration of about 11.5%.

Alcohol Sim Alcohol Sim

Please note the following wines are not considered sim: sim of fresh soaked directly with wine, myrtle (stem, root, leaf) soaked alcohol because alcohol is a traditional sim alcohol naturally fermented from fruit sim.