Delicious Food That You Shouldn't Miss (Part 2)

Delicious Food That You Shouldn't Miss (Part 2)
UPDATED: 13 Apr 2017 512 Views

Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang Province, Vietnam) is attractive because of not only her beautiful nature but also delicious food. It is true that Phu Quoc Island is one of places to visit in Vietnam.

Food on Phu Quoc Islanddefinitely contributes to make the diversity and the richness of Vietnamese food. Let check some fresh and yummy seafood only on Phu Quoc Island!

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Bitter bolete

Bitter bolete only grows in the cajuput forest after the first rain and last about one month after the raiy season ends. This kind of mushroom grow much on Phu Quoc. People use bitter bolete to cook a lot of tasty dishes such as boiled chicken and mushroom soup, barracuda fish balls with mushroom. Do not miss this rare kind of mushroom!

Bitter bolete

Fried Squids with Fish Sauce

Fried squid with fish sauce is also one of the best food choices of tourists in Phu Quoc. Squid is a little bigger than a human thumb and contains a lot of nutritious egg squid in their belly. Squid which is fried with fish sauce, sugar and seasoning powder is chewy, toothsome and unbelivably incredible. When you are in Phu Quoc, don't forget to try seafood. More importantly, don't forget to try fried Squied with Fish Sauce.

Fried squids

Grilled Abalones

Although grilled abalones in Phu Quoc are quite expensive, they are worth trying because of their delicious taste and nutritious values. Abalones are really soft, sweet and juicy. Hence, they are the best when being grilled and served with sauce made from minced ginger, garlic, fish sauce, sugar, chili and black pepper. The slightly sweet and tasty dipping sauce and soft juicy abalones will brings to you a lifetime food experience.

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