Watch bioluminescent plankton in Phu Quoc

Watch bioluminescent plankton in Phu Quoc
UPDATED: 24 Mar 2017 279 Views

The waters surrounding Phu Quoc Island are not only teeming with fish but they are also teeming with glow in the dark plankton (bioluminescent algae). Never miss out on such magnificent scene.

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Phu Quoc beach at night

bioluminescent plankton bioluminescent plankton

Phu Quoc beach is not only beautiful during the daytime but also sparkled at night. Walking along the shore and enjoy the rapture in the darkness, tranquility of night and cool breeze. You would expect to watch bioluminescent tides which sparkle quietly in the darkness. When it comes to a combination of temperature, wind, darkness of the sky together, even you can glide through the water with bioluminescent . It's so exciting to watch the sea shinning!

Watchbioluminescent plankton

phu quoc beach at sunset phu quoc beach at sunset

When the sun has set and the moon is waning, a ethereal phosphorescence can be seen in the water along the shores of Phu Quoc caused by plankton which are only visible at night and emit a blueish glow when the water surrounding them has been disturbed, either by your hand or a gentle wave. One of the most amazing and natural experience you can have on the island is by swimming at night with the stars above you and the water glowing around you. This is Phu Quoc!